2014 Cinematography Reel

Featured Work


Short Film - 17 Min

Sugarhiccup is about one woman's misperception of reality and her subsequent coming apart at the seams, due to overanalyzation of incomplete information. The film is a satire on our digital world and how we are easily susceptible to blurring the lines between truth and perception. It's a story about how nonsensical data, social media, and distrust can all lead to destructive decision-making.


Kim of the Sunset

Short Documentary - 3 Min

A brief look into the life of Kim, her scooter, and her neighbor, the Sunset District of San Francisco. Filmed as apart of One Day in SF.


Short Film - 3 Min

Created for the Composer Quest filmmaking challenge. It was a pleasure working with Nick Syman who composed the score.

Many thanks to Charlie McCarron who created the challenge and hosted the live show from which the score was recorded live.

Nature shots filmed in the beautiful woods and beaches of Salt Point, CA.

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